Dahlgren Trail Half Marathon 2017

Today was the first race of 2017! A little late considering it’s mid-February, but training for a marathon has presented new and unforeseen challenges.

It was a beautiful day for a race, even if it started off a little chilly. We had never been to the Dahlgren Trail before, and were both pleasantly surprised that it is so scenic, so long (16.5 miles one way), and so very flat. There was a cow pasture on one side at the start, right across from the train car where we collected our bibs and race shirts. An older couple showed up with their horses to ride along the trail while we were running, too. The terrain varied from pine straw to grass to loose rocks, we ran past streams and creeks, and the trail winded through pretty dense forest. It’s always refreshing to feel so far removed from civilization and set free into the wilderness without even driving very far. One of the many joys of Virginia.Today was not a record breaking day, but that wasn’t the purpose of this race. The purpose of this race was to rebuild some mental strength for myself, and to run 13 miles in preparation for our first marathon ever on March 19. Today was a C Race. Mischief Managed.